Independent Study

Independent Study
Trinity Art

Goals: By the end of Fourth Quarter, the student will have completed:
A. Ten (10) Finished Pieces
B. Choice of:
Research Paper
Powerpoint Presentation

Definition of Finished- complete to the best of the student's technical and imaginative ability, after the student has considered the assignment, the materials and the suggestions offered by the teacher.

To achieve the goals stated, the student will progress through four steps:

      1. Research
      2. Documentation
      3. Statement of Purpose
      4. Production of Pieces

Through online searches, books and magazines, the student will identify one artist, past or present, who worked in each of the following (four artists total, one per medium):
During the research phase, the student will choose an artist and write a research paper or produce a Powerpoint presentation.

The student will complete an information sheet (provided by teacher) for each of the four artists.

Statement of Purpose-
The student will choose and state the purpose/direction of their proposed work (10 pieces) by identifying:

Upon Statement of Purpose, the student will begin production of finished pieces by working through the design process with the teacher (size, materials, compositions, etc.).

Each phase of this Independent Study will be graded as a Project.

Spec Sheet

Research Paper-
The student will select an artist and write a research essay, with the following specifications:
Typed, 3 pages, double-spaced, 1 1/2” margins (maximum)

In the body of the paper, the student will cover:
A. Brief biography (Nationality, DOB, DOD, medium, style, influences, etc.), no more than 1/3 of total pages
B. Discussion of two artworks considered significant (to artist and art history), covering:
Title, Medium, Date produced, Composition, Subject Matter, Significance
For each of the two artworks, answer the following-
What is presented ?(what does the viewer see?)
What is the artist trying to say? (What is the point?)
Do you feel the artist succeeded in saying it? (How well can you answer question 2?)
Was it worth saying?

Powerpoint Presentation-
The student will create a Powerpoint presentation about an artist, to include:
20 slides of images (minimum), including title, date and medium
5 slides of text (minimum)

Suggested Websites for Art History Research:

Timeline- Due Dates
Phase I- Research and Documentation (Including Statement of Purpose)- March 30
Phase II- Research Paper or Powerpoint- April 13
Production Dates
1 Finished piece- April 20
2 Finished pieces- April 26
2 Finished pieces- May 4
2 Finished Pieces- May 11
2 Finished Pieces- May 18
1 Finished Piece- May 24

Suggested Artists (You do not have to use these, the lists are merely to help.)

Painters                                Sculptors
Leonardo da Vinci                    Constantin Brancusi
Vincent van Gogh                    Donatello
Edward Hopper                       Albert Giacometti
Frank Stella                             Michelangelo
Caravaggio                              Henry Moore
Paul Cezanne                          Auguste Rodin
Jackson Pollock                      Isamu Noguchi
Wassily Kandinsky                 David Smith
Claude Monet                        Lorenzo Bernini
Pablo Picasso                          Alexander Calder

Photographers                Printmakers
Ansel Adams                          Barry Moser
Eugene Atget                          Rembrandt
Dorothea Lange                     Albrecht Durer
Walker Evans                         Francisco Goya
Yousuf Karsh                         Hiroshige
W. Eugene Smith                  Andy Warhol
Alfred Stieglitz                      Roy Lichtenstein
Jerry Uelsmann                     William Blake
Margaret Bourke-White        M.C. Escher
Annie Leibovitz                    Hokusai

Artist Profile

Artist's Name _______________________________________________________
Date of Birth ______________________ Date of Death ______________________
Place of Birth ________________________________________________________
Teacher/Training/Influences _____________________________________________
Principal Medium ____________________________________________________
Principal Subject Matter _______________________________________________
Significant Work (Title)________________________________________________
Style/Genre _________________________________________________________
Museum/Gallery Exhibits ______________________________________________
Artist Website _______________________________________________________
Information Source (Web Address) _______________________________________

What do you like about this artist's work? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Personal Favorite (Title) and why- __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________